System Update

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Quick guide to updating system

1) pkgr -s ; # Sync

2) pkgr -U ; # Update system

NOTE: If kernel update is available, you will need to install the new kernel along with firmware, reboot, then do upgrade:

3) pkgr -i linux-kernel; pkgr -i linux-firmware;

4) systemctl reboot; # reboot (read next line before rebooting)

IMPORTANT: If there's any critical boot services that depend on loaded modules, you may have to disable them first.

For example if you mount a Virtual Box shared folder in your fstab, you should comment it out before rebooting.

Also, the system probably will not come up as expected (eg. X may fail to load).

5) pkgr -U ; # Update system

Note: After updating, restore any changes made to critical boot services

6) systemctl reboot; # reboot

7) System should boot normally.